Welcome to Surrah Keen Art

I’m originally from the East just outside a small town in Virginia. Homeschooled all my life, so my perception of art is very much my own. My career began in Virginia Beach where I apprenticed for two years.

A custom tattoo artist, very interested in tattooing many things. I have a passion for bright and colorful tattoos, floral, patterns, watercolor, contrast. Anything organic, nature, 3-dimensional, realism, a combination of traditional and realism. My main focus is that my tattoos accentuate the clients figure and muscular structure. I am like most artists I’m sure, I really appreciate when I’m given freedoms to create what it is that I do, and that the client has done enough research of me and my work that they allow themselves to trust my abilities in designing something from their imagination, for their body and that it hopefully exceeds their expectations.

A work in progress by Global Exposures